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~~NOTOC~~ ====== Jennifer H. E. Baker ====== <WRAP column 50%> ==== Post Doctoral Fellow ==== Supervisor, Dr. Stefan Reinsberg\\ Department of Physics & Astronomy, University of British Columbia\\ Office room Hennings 415\\ email: jbaker[at]\\ \\ My research interests are in the tumour microenvironment, blood vessels, blood flow, drug distribution, MRI and hypoxia. My current main research focus is investigating the [[wiki:research:trastuzumab|heterogeneous distribution of trastuzumab in breast cancer using MRI and immunohistochemistry.]] {{:wiki:user:jheb.jpg?200|}} </WRAP> <WRAP clear></WRAP> We use MRI and immunohistochemistry to examine functional and morphological features of the tumour microenvironment. We have developed custom tools that enable excellent correlation of MR and histology, such that we can use the fine detail of many labeled features within the solid tumour to inform and validate observations made using MRI. Much of this work uses the custom scanning microscope and multiplex immunohistochemistry techniques developed in the [[|Minchinton Lab]] at the BC Cancer Research Centre. A sample image of a Her2+ve xenograft is stained for systemically administered, unlabeled Herceptin (pink), CD31 vasculature (navy blue), perfusion dye (cyan blue), hypoxia (green), BrdU s-phase cells (black) and hematoxylin (grey). The tumour has a large area of necrosis (white) at the bottom where well-perfused skin is still attached to the tumour. The viable tumour tissue shows microregional heterogeneity: some regions have very little bound Herceptin around perfused blood vessels (top, right) whereas other regions have vessels with bound Herceptin several cell layers away from vessels (bottom, left & right). This tumour was collected 24h after a 10 mg/kg ip Herceptin treatment. <WRAP clear></WRAP> <WRAP column 550px> {{panoview>:wiki:user:jbaker:herceptin-image.jpg?500x500|}} </WRAP> ==== Publications ==== <HTML> <script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript"> function iFrameHeight(id) { var e = document.getElementById(id); var h = 0; if (!document.all) { h = e.contentDocument.height; = h + 600 + 'px'; } else if (document.all) { h = document.frames(id).document.body.scrollHeight; document.all.frames(id).style.height = h + 200 + 'px'; } } </script> <iframe id="refbase-citations" name="refbase-citations" onload="iFrameHeight('refbase-citations')" align="top" width="100%" height="400px" scrolling="auto" frameborder="0" src=";without=dups&amp;submit=Cite&amp;citeOrder=year&amp;client=inc-refbase-1%2E0&amp;showLinks=1&amp;showRows=50" width="100%" height="500"> <p><a href=";without=dups&amp;submit=Cite&amp;citeOrder=year&amp;client=inc-refbase-1%2E0&amp;showLinks=1&amp;showRows=50">view references</a></p> </iframe> </HTML> ==== Awards ==== * Post Doctoral Fellowship from the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation / BC Yukon, April 2012 - April 2014 * Senior Graduate Studentship from the Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research, April 2007 - April 2010 * NCI Cancer Research Imaging Camp Scholarship, 2010 * Tumour Microenvironment Society Junior Research Award, 2008 * European Society of Hematology Junior Research Award, 2007 * AACR Pathobiology of Cancer Workshop Scholarship, 2006

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